For those of you who are unable to participate in our conference, we offer the possibility to present your research to a wider audience through conference posters which will be presented in a separate session. Posters should be properly secured, and prepared in a big format, we do not assume responsibility for packages. If you wish to share your thoughts and ideas, you are more than welcome to ship your posters to: “Instytut Filologii Angielskiej, Kuźnicza 22, 50-138 Wrocław, Poland” with an additional annotation: “Focus on Fathers, Room 316”. All contributors will receive a confirmation of participation in the event with a poster. If you choose to participate in our conference via poster only, no conference fee is required.

But wait, what if you feel more ambitious and would like to present a paper and a poster? That’s fine too! You can bring it over and we will display it alongside the others. Here is our own poster, presenting a few selected fathers from a well known TV series. Behold! Fathers of Westeros.

fathers of westeros


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